Boot Camp

Lucy (Bengarys Luipillia) has has a very successful first season Eventing so far this year with regards to the jumping (3 out of 4 events double clear) but her dressage has left a little to be desired!  Dressage has never been my strong point as I’ve always enjoyed the jumping side of the sport a lot more.  However, I have decided that this isn’t fair on Lucy, so for the next two weeks she’s staying with the awesomely talented dressage rider Eilidh Grant where she’ll be schooled every day.  I’m told that part of the deal is that I have to put in some work too and that if I’m a good boy Eilidh will reward me with chocolate biscuits.  And she has a naughty step if I’m bad…

Update on this next week.  Please click ‘Follow’ so you don’t miss it!



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