An Interesting Weekend!

A bit of a mixed bag this weekend.  On Saturday Charley jumped Jack round a few classes and he got better and better with every round.  The last class was 1m and he jumped a lovely clear.  She schooled him round again on Sunday and he was better again!

He’s off to Wales with her to the Home Pony International so it will be interesting to see how much he improves over the 5 days there.

IMG_2347 (1024x683) IMG_2358 (1024x683) IMG_2350 (1024x683)On Sunday, LeeAnn and I headed off to Hopetoun Horse Trials in the new wee lorry with Lucy.  I was feeling really positive about her dressage after Team Grant had worked their magic!  However, with my arena being next to the XC and the warmup the worst I have ever seen Lucy decided everything was far too exciting and completely blew up in her test.  More dressage practice on grass required!  We loaded up and headed home as I really didn’t fancy jumping her in the mood I was in.

The lorry did Edinburgh and back (250 mile round trip) on about £35 of fuel which is seriously impressive and we had time to stop at a car wash on the way back – shiny shiny!

Shiny LorryNext step is to get the signwriting off!



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