A great weekend!

The girls were both good on Saturday at FRC’s dressage. I wanted to get Lucy out on grass after her recent diva behaviour and she managed to hold it together to do a nice, quiet and accurate test that was only a little tense for 64% and Willow did her first ever test on grass for 70% (and a win!). I only did the Intro test on them (was entered for the 60 x 20 Prelim too) as it was mega hot and the flies were dreadful! On Sunday we took the kids to Balmedie Beach with Lewie and Fin riding Izzy and Maddie. Great weather and brilliant fun!

Maryculter Dressage
Lucy’s concentrating face.
Monsters from the deep!
Monsters from the deep!
Post-beach picnic.
Post-beach picnic.


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