Tillyoch – Day 2

A great and very successful day at the show today. Fin and Lewie both double clear in the Stepping Stones (85cm) to share first prize and both jumped great in the Discovery/90cm Open. Fin had a very unlucky 4 in the jump off by knocking a wing with his foot and Lewie jumped a cracking quick double clear to win!

We took Millie’s wee pony Jack for Charley Hamilton to jump and she rode him great for a double clear and 3rd in the 70cm and a decent round in the 80cm. Jack is looking like he’ll be a bit too sharp for Millie as he starts to fill out and feel better so Charley is going to ride him at shows for a while until we decide what to do with him – keep or sell. Meanwhile, back to the drawing board to find Millie her perfect pony… :-/

Video below of the boys’ rounds in the 90cm.


Tillyoch – Day 1

Mixed fortunes at the show today. Lewie and Izzy jumped a lovely double clear round the Stepping Stones to share first prize with Fin having an unlucky 4 faults in the jump off for 5th.

Both lads had 4 faults whilst really going for it in the jump off of the Discovery/90cm Open so no prizes in that one.

Great day though, sunshine and a light breeze…

Back tomorrow.


Tillyoch This Weekend

So, the focus moves away from Lucy for a few days as we head towards the weekend. The boys are heading to Tillyoch (www.tillyochequestrian.co.uk) this weekend for a two day Junior BS show with Izzy and Maddie. They were fairly successful last time at Tillyoch with both lads picking up wins so hopefully they can build on that and keep it going.

Here are a few pics from the last time we were there:

Fin and Maddie enroute to first place in the 70cm Open.
Lewie and Izzy winning the British Novice.

Eilidh and Lucy – Day 4

LeeAnn just sent me a little video of Eilidh working Lucy this morning.  I must say I’m absolutely delighted with the progress so far!  Lucy is much straighter and softer and Eilidh has her much more relaxed as she doesn’t have a fight on her hands (unlike me!) – I’ve been summoned for a couple of sessions next week by Eilidh’s scary mummy Lorraine so that I can learn to ride her this way.


A little visit to Lucy

LeeAnn has popped over to see Eilidh working Lucy this morning so I’m looking forward to getting a progress update  The updates from Eilidh so far is that she’s been very well behaved but her major issue is straightness.  Once this is sorted out hopefully it will be onwards and upwards…

Stay tuned as I may get a little video from LeeAnn later.

Boot Camp

Lucy (Bengarys Luipillia) has has a very successful first season Eventing so far this year with regards to the jumping (3 out of 4 events double clear) but her dressage has left a little to be desired!  Dressage has never been my strong point as I’ve always enjoyed the jumping side of the sport a lot more.  However, I have decided that this isn’t fair on Lucy, so for the next two weeks she’s staying with the awesomely talented dressage rider Eilidh Grant where she’ll be schooled every day.  I’m told that part of the deal is that I have to put in some work too and that if I’m a good boy Eilidh will reward me with chocolate biscuits.  And she has a naughty step if I’m bad…

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