Supplements – This One Works!

I thought I’d just post a wee note about the supplement we use for the jumping ponies.  I went to Warwickshire College a few hundred years ago, and one of the people I met (and made good friends with) whilst there was a chap called Alex Gingell.  Alex was always destined to be successful as he is great with people and has an amazing positive mental attitude.

I got back in touch with Alex a few years ago – he’d just launched a supplement company called Hack Up and persuaded me to try a product called Boost on an old Grade A mare of mine which was lacking a bit of sparkle.  What a difference it made!  She was like a 4yo, having a wee buck and squeal in the practice ring and jumping better than ever!

Boost isn’t Alex’s main product though – he specialises in ‘bespoke’ supplements, designed and blended specifically for your horse using top quality, human grade ingredients.  They can help digestion, joints, pain – have a look at his website in the link above for more info.

Our ponies are on one of Alex’s joint bespokes, and they look great, feel great and jump great!  Maddie (Findlay’s pony), is 13yo and is quite high mileage and is out jumping round 1m tracks like they aren’t there (as you can see in the video below!).

Hack Up even lets you spread your payment at no extra cost, and if you spend £100 in one order you currently get a free Hack Up jacket – I can testify that these are nice and cosy!

Register on the website, enter your details and let Alex create a free formulation for your horse on pony – you know it makes sense!  Mention me (David Lawson), and I might even get another free jacket!!!

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Busy Week?

So after a washout (iceout?) of a weekend it looks like a fairly busy week ahead. Lewie sat on Ollie (the wee grey Grade A we bought in Ireland) yesterday and they seemed to gel so he’ll be back on him a few times this week. Izzy has had a problem with impacted food and has been quidding a bit so she’s off to Dukes Vets for a wee op on Wednesday, via Ardene House vets for Cody to get measured before he goes off to Amy Beck’s to be produced as a future star! There’s no rest for the wicked…

A Cancelled Weekend

The ice is fairly taking its toll up here in Aberdeen. The Pony Club rally at Tillyoch was cancelled, along with the Findon Riding Club show at Fountain Equestrian tomorrow and the two day BS show at Cabin. Here’s a pic of the car park at Oldfold – hopefully this will be melted by next weekend!


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Pony Club This Weekend

So this weekend sees us back at Tillyoch on Saturday – although not for the usual showjumping!  Fin, Lewie and Millie have their first Pony Club rally.  We feel that it’s important that they have a well rounded equine education, so we joined them to my old PC, Deeside.  It’s a flatwork rally which should please Millie, the boys not so much!

A couple of months ago we sold the wee 3.5T lorry and bought a 17T wagon – this makes a huge difference as the kids can stay in the warmth and watch DVDs etc when we’re away at shows; we never see Harry these days at a show!


There’s a two day BS show on at the Cabin Equestrian Centre this weekend, so if the ice has disappeared by Sunday I might take Willow over for a jump round the Discovery and Newcomers.

I’ll update after the weekend – have a good one!

Jumping in the Sun and Snow!


Off we headed to Tillyoch this weekend for the BS Junior show.  It was freezing on Saturday morning, but Michael had salted the car park and the outdoor arena surface was perfect!  I feel I must take a little of the credit for encouraging Mike to run his winter shows outside, and it seems to be working extremely well with the indoor warmup.  The sun was shining and there was hardly a breath of wind.

First up was Lewie with Izzy in the 70cm Open.  He jumped a cracking double clear to win the class, but then had an unscheduled dismount in the 80cm jump-off whilst attempting an almost impossible turn.  Here’s a video of his 70cm jump-off:

Findlay has decided that 90cm and less is below him, so against his mum’s better judgement he jumped Maddie in the 138 Springboard which is 1m.  Fin has jumped a few unaffilliated 1m classes, but BS classes are a different kettle of fish!  Up to height with square oxers – he produced a copybook double clear to win!

Back on Sunday, there was a bit of a breeze with the wind chill making it feel like minus 5!  Arena was still perfect though.

Lewie jumped a lovely round in the 70cm but then missed a fence in the jump-off, doh!  He redeemed himself by winning the 80cm Open though, with a great double clear.  Charley Hamilton jumped on Millie’s pony Dakota to give her a wee spin round the 80cm (in the snow!) for 5th place – here’s a wee video.

Fin excelled himself again jumping two 1m classes, ending up 2nd in the Newcomers/1m Open to a very experienced Grade A pony.  We’re really pleased with Findlay’s progress, who’d have thought he’d be producing rounds like this 6 months ago?

2015 is looking like an exciting year for us!

Catch Up

Ok, so I’ve been extremely lazy and haven’t updated the blog in a very, very long time! Lots of things to report since last year.   Wee Lucy has gone to a new home where she’ll continue to Event, we went to Ireland in October and bought 3 new ponies (one for LeeAnn and two to sell on), and we have decided that Willow will be aimed at Show Jumping this year, not Eventing.

The boys have been improving greatly over the last few months.  Here’s a wee video of Findlay and Maddie from the weekend:



Not to be outdone, Lewie and Izzie have been jumping some interesting fillers (me!).



And finally, here’s a video of Willow from the weekend.  This mare just needs some miles on the clock, she’s got tons of scope, ability and technique!



Right, I promise I’ll try to keep this more up to date this year.  Have a great 2015!