Catch Up

Ok, so I’ve been extremely lazy and haven’t updated the blog in a very, very long time! Lots of things to report since last year.   Wee Lucy has gone to a new home where she’ll continue to Event, we went to Ireland in October and bought 3 new ponies (one for LeeAnn and two to sell on), and we have decided that Willow will be aimed at Show Jumping this year, not Eventing.

The boys have been improving greatly over the last few months.  Here’s a wee video of Findlay and Maddie from the weekend:



Not to be outdone, Lewie and Izzie have been jumping some interesting fillers (me!).



And finally, here’s a video of Willow from the weekend.  This mare just needs some miles on the clock, she’s got tons of scope, ability and technique!



Right, I promise I’ll try to keep this more up to date this year.  Have a great 2015!


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