More Cancelled Shows, and Izzy’s Op.

The weather is still conspiring against us!

On Saturday, we had to head to Aboyne to pick Izzy up from Dukes Vets where she had had a little bit of work done on her teeth.  Basically, she has Diastemas which is a space between her teeth – these are causing a problem because food is getting trapped in the gaps and is becoming impacted causing her a lot of pain and discomfort.  In the photo below, you can see what Jim has done using his power-tools.  She had 5 gaps opened up to allow food to come back out without getting stuck.

Don’t worry, this is one that died earlier!

We had the choice of two shows on Sunday; unafilliated SJ at Tillyoch and an Arena Event at Cabin.  We had already decided on Saturday that we would go to Tillyoch as it’s only a couple of miles along the road and the forecast wasn’t great.  Alas, at 8:30 on Sunday morning it was cancelled due to a police travel warning on the A90.  I called Michael to check there was a course up and there was so we loaded a few ponies and took them over for a school round, braving the roads which weren’t too bad (see video).

As well as taking little Ollie (the wee grey 128 that we bought at Cavan sales in Ireland) we took Dakota for Millie to play with, and we also took Hannah with Piglet, Lucy with Storm and Ellis with Cruise – they all jumped round various heights of tracks and performed brilliantly.  Lewis stole a shot on Dakota at the end and I think he’s fallen a little bit in love with her!


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