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Supplements – This One Works!

I thought I’d just post a wee note about the supplement we use for the jumping ponies.  I went to Warwickshire College a few hundred years ago, and one of the people I met (and made good friends with) whilst there was a chap called Alex Gingell.  Alex was always destined to be successful as he is great with people and has an amazing positive mental attitude.

I got back in touch with Alex a few years ago – he’d just launched a supplement company called Hack Up and persuaded me to try a product called Boost on an old Grade A mare of mine which was lacking a bit of sparkle.  What a difference it made!  She was like a 4yo, having a wee buck and squeal in the practice ring and jumping better than ever!

Boost isn’t Alex’s main product though – he specialises in ‘bespoke’ supplements, designed and blended specifically for your horse using top quality, human grade ingredients.  They can help digestion, joints, pain – have a look at his website in the link above for more info.

Our ponies are on one of Alex’s joint bespokes, and they look great, feel great and jump great!  Maddie (Findlay’s pony), is 13yo and is quite high mileage and is out jumping round 1m tracks like they aren’t there (as you can see in the video below!).

Hack Up even lets you spread your payment at no extra cost, and if you spend £100 in one order you currently get a free Hack Up jacket – I can testify that these are nice and cosy!

Register on the website, enter your details and let Alex create a free formulation for your horse on pony – you know it makes sense!  Mention me (David Lawson), and I might even get another free jacket!!!

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