Super ponies – in slow motion!

We had a weekend of playing with the ponies at home.  As you might be aware, we bought a new coloured pony to add to the collection last week – that’s number four!  We certainly don’t go out looking for them but they seem to find us!  Saturday was Findlay’s birthday, and it was also the first time he’d had a chance to sit on Lara.  Lara is an older pony and these old servants seem to get written off by the majority of horsey people.  She’s 19yo, she’s done EVERYTHING from hunting, tetrathlon, Pony Club Championships, British Schools Champs at Hickstead etc, etc.  This is experience that money cannot buy!  She’s healthy and sound and still loves her job and has a lot to offer.  This is Findlay’s first wee course of jumps on her:

I have an iPhone 6.  It’s a great phone but one of the best features is the slo-mo function – it captures video in 240 fps (frames per second) so it can be slowed right down without losing any quality.  It’s quite addictive!  Here are Dakota and Lara showing off its capabilities!

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