Phoebe Buckley Awesomeness!!!

What a weekend!  44 lessons delivered, 21 hours taught, 24 people for dinner on Saturday evening, 5 bottles of Veuve Cliquot consumed and only 4 people hit the deck!

The feedback from the clinic held on the 14th – 15th of February has been overwhelmingly positive!  Phoebe has a knack of ‘getting’ horses and riders very quickly and instinctively knowing how to get the best out of them.  Every lesson I watched was delivered with enthusiasm, fun and professionalism, interspersed with some of Phoebe’s classic anecdotes.  Phoebe taught flatwork until 4pm on Saturday then it was jumping all the way.

On Saturday evening we headed off to the Bieldside Inn where we had a bite to eat and a few bottles of nice champage whilst Phoebe did an excellent Q&A session – some brilliant questions and some even better answers!

Here are a few happy customers!

Findlay and Lewis wew all smiles after their session!
Findlay and Lewis were all smiles after their session!
Catriona and Laila
Catriona and Laila both rode very well and went away with a lot to think about.
Ria and Kara
Ria and Kara happy after their session. I think Phoebe quite fancies a shot on Ria’s lovely coloured mare next time!
We subsidised a group lesson for Deeside Pony Club – I think the thumbs up says it all!
Phoebe Bubbles
A well deserved glass (or 3!) of bubbles for Miss Buckley on Saturday evening!

Phoebe has very kindly agreed to fly back up on the 20th of March to deliver a lecture demonstration on the Friday night followed by SJ training on Saturday and some simulated XC training on Sunday, again at Tillyoch.  We can’t wait!


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