Jumping in the Sun and Snow!


Off we headed to Tillyoch this weekend for the BS Junior show.  It was freezing on Saturday morning, but Michael had salted the car park and the outdoor arena surface was perfect!  I feel I must take a little of the credit for encouraging Mike to run his winter shows outside, and it seems to be working extremely well with the indoor warmup.  The sun was shining and there was hardly a breath of wind.

First up was Lewie with Izzy in the 70cm Open.  He jumped a cracking double clear to win the class, but then had an unscheduled dismount in the 80cm jump-off whilst attempting an almost impossible turn.  Here’s a video of his 70cm jump-off:

Findlay has decided that 90cm and less is below him, so against his mum’s better judgement he jumped Maddie in the 138 Springboard which is 1m.  Fin has jumped a few unaffilliated 1m classes, but BS classes are a different kettle of fish!  Up to height with square oxers – he produced a copybook double clear to win!

Back on Sunday, there was a bit of a breeze with the wind chill making it feel like minus 5!  Arena was still perfect though.

Lewie jumped a lovely round in the 70cm but then missed a fence in the jump-off, doh!  He redeemed himself by winning the 80cm Open though, with a great double clear.  Charley Hamilton jumped on Millie’s pony Dakota to give her a wee spin round the 80cm (in the snow!) for 5th place – here’s a wee video.

Fin excelled himself again jumping two 1m classes, ending up 2nd in the Newcomers/1m Open to a very experienced Grade A pony.  We’re really pleased with Findlay’s progress, who’d have thought he’d be producing rounds like this 6 months ago?

2015 is looking like an exciting year for us!


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